Our Partnerships and Charities

Here at Mattress Online, we love supporting our community. As a family-owned, Yorkshire-based business, we’re delighted to partner with a number of charities and organisations close to our heart.

Read on for more information about the charities and organisations we partner with and what we’re doing to support the amazing work they do.

Charities that Mattress Online support

We currently support four amazing charities:


Zarach charity logo, 'east, sleep, learn'.

Operating from its Leeds-based office, Zarach helps disadvantaged families get access to beds, bedding and other household essentials that no one should be deprived of. 

Founded in 2018 by school teacher Bex Wilson, Zarach was rooted in concern for her students’ wellbeing. After noticing that one of her pupils was having difficulty concentrating in class, she discovered they had no access to a bed and were sleeping on the floor. 

The charity was launched to address the alarming rise in bed poverty. The aim is to create safer home environments that nurture a child’s development, helping them sleep better and have a better school experience for a brighter and happier future.

At Mattress Online, we try to do our bit to support the charity on its mission to end bed poverty and deliver protection, comfort and kindness where it’s needed.

As well as acting as one of its ‘Corporate Dream Makers’ (donating time, money and skills to the cause), Mattress Online helped Zarach relocate to a new warehouse in 2022. This ensured the charity had ample room to house its current volume of bedroom supplies, as well as provided plenty of space to expand and grow to reach more children in need. 

In addition to the support we give, at Christmas time we are on hand every year to help Zarach deliver Christmas supplies and hampers to struggling families around the Yorkshire area.

I realised I had a choice; to be satisfied that I’m teaching him grammar because it’s what I’m paid to do, or to continue to be the best teacher I can be whilst also using my time and influence to make sure every child in our city has their basic needs met. That includes getting a good night’s sleep and an equal opportunity to get the best education at school.

 Bex Wilson
Mattress Online staff preparing Christmas hamper donations ready to be delivered for Zarach.

Sleep affects our mental and physical wellbeing and is important in a child’s physical development. It’s vitally important we support Zarach as they strive to break the cycle of bed poverty

Steve Adams

If you want to learn more about Zarach and how we help them, please visit our Zarach Partnership page.

Cherrytree Support

Cherrytree support services logo.

Operating in Sheffield, Cherrytree Support Services provides essential support and rehabilitation facilities for young homeless people within the city. At Mattress Online, we’re committed to working alongside the generous team at Cherrytree to help young individuals reshape their lives and future.  

The charity provides:

  • Supported accommodation
  • Counselling
  • Family mediation
  • Home services
  • Health services

The charity’s vision is to empower young people to create the life that they want and to offer stability at the most formative period of their lives.

Our contribution to the charity includes regularly donating mattresses to the supported accommodation run by Cherrytree.

The Sleep Charity

The Sleep Charity logo.

Leading sleep specialist charity, The Sleep Charity, provides advice and support to empower the nation to sleep better. Mattress Online has been working with the charity for a number of years, helping people get the sleep they deserve.

The Sleep Charity (formerly known as The Children’s Sleep Charity) was founded in 2012 after its founder, Vicki Dawson, began experiencing long periods of sleep deprivation due to the strain of being a busy mum. She aimed to ensure that every parent and carer had access to quality sleep support.

Over the years, Mattress Online has worked with the charity in various ways, including content creation and editorial support. In early 2023, the company provided the warehousing, inventory, and delivery provision for a Bed Poverty project within South Yorkshire. The project aimed to highlight how everyone is entitled to the basic minimum for achieving a good night’s rest.

Mattress Online CEO being filmed by ITV.
Behind the scenes of The Sleep Charity and Mattress Online filming for ITV

Everyone at Mattress Online is fully behind our charitable endeavours. It’s not easy to see someone less fortunate than yourself, especially children, struggling with getting basic rest, so the whole team takes great pride in playing their part to support The Sleep Charity and its recipients.

Steve Adams

Our Sleep Poverty campaign was born from seeing more and more people in South Yorkshire living in poverty and lacking the basic resources they needed to sleep well at night

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO at The Sleep Charity

To find out more about our work with the Sleep Charity, please see our Sleep Charity partnership page.

Cavendish Cancer Care

The Cavendish Cancer Care logo.

Cavendish Cancer Care is a local charity based in Sheffield. Mattress Online works together with Cavendish to aid their mission of providing advice, care and support to people affected by cancer.

For 30 years, the charity - which is almost entirely funded by the public's generosity - has been assisting and comforting both those with a cancer diagnosis and the family members affected by the disease.

Our two organisations work together to create blog articles based on supporting positive sleep. Staff from Cavendish Cancer Care also deliver excellent health and wellbeing sessions to Mattress Online staff, which in turn fund vital therapy hours.

Chloe Angus, Cavendish Cancer Care therapist, providing a Stress Awareness health and wellbeing course to Mattress Online staff.
Chloe Angus from Cavendish leading a Stress Awareness course for Mattress Online staff

We’re thrilled to be working with Cavendish, from collaborating on relevant blog content connected to health to partnering with our team to deliver wellbeing sessions and contributing to fundraising.

Steve Adams

Key to our work is helping people to live a healthy lifestyle by considering things like their sleep, nutrition and mental health. We’re looking forward to working with the team and helping them in their mission to become experts in getting a good night’s sleep

Chloe Angus, Corporate Wellbeing Manager at Cavendish Cancer Care

To learn more about what Cavendish does and how we support them, please visit our Cavendish Cancer Care partnership page.

Mattress Online Partnerships

At Mattress Online, we care about supporting the community, which is why we partner with a range of local organisations, such as:

The Sleep Geek

The Sleep Geek logo.

Our work with sleep expert James Wilson, known as The Sleep Geek, helps thousands of people find the right balance in life to achieve a rejuvenating rest, night after night.

The collaboration focuses on connecting products to problems, assisting people on their journey to finding the solution to their sleep problems. James regularly features on TV and Radio, and can also be seen on Mattress Online social media channels, sharing tips and advice to help you sleep better.

The Sleep Geek, James Wilson, and Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online sitting at a table together smiling with the Mattress Online logo above them.
James Wilson and Mattress Online’s CEO, Steve Adams

James plays an active role in helping our staff sleep better. He regularly supports our team by sharing useful sleep tips and providing advice centred around creating the right sleep routine. 

James is passionate that achieving the correct type and amount of sleep is essential for improving mental and physical well-being. This philosophy helps to boost productivity and morale, and equips staff with the information to help them sleep soundly all through the night!

The Sleep Geek, James Wilson, leading a session on sleep health to Mattress Online teams.
James Wilson leading a sleep awareness course for Mattress Online staff

To learn more about how The Sleep Geek helps Mattress Online and our customers, please see our partnership page.

Local Schools

See It Be It In Sheffield logo

As part of the See It Be It and Levelling up Futures campaigns, our helpful team at Mattress Online enjoys volunteering in local schools around Sheffield and doing their part to lead and inspire the next generation. It’s important to us as a business to ensure the workforce of the future understands the opportunities that are available to them.

We regularly welcome students from local SEN schools, so they can experience work life at our Rotherham HQ. During their tour of the warehouse, these students get the chance to discover more about our business and the varied roles available at Mattress Online. The visit to our Comfort Lab is always popular when students get to be ‘mattress testers’ for the day!

A small class of children from the See It Be It scheme having a tour of the Mattress Online warehouses.
A local class of children having a tour of the Mattress Online headquarters

Taking part has been really rewarding and it’s important to us as a business to ensure students living near us, our communities and the workforce of the future, understand the opportunities that are out there for them.

Sharon Robson, PR & Communications Lead

Sports Partnerships

Rotherham United football club logo.

To support the community near our Rotherham headquarters, and give colleagues who are Millers fans a chance to go and watch the match, we are proud sponsors of Rotherham United FC and Rotherham United Women FC.

Rotherham has been at the heart of Mattress Online from the early days, and although our footprint has spread to other parts of the country and region, we remain committed to the town in which the company has continued to thrive for nearly two decades

Steve Adams

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to kick off the 2022/23 Sky Bet Championship campaign with a new partnership with Mattress Online.

Steve Coakley, Commercial Director at Rotherham United
Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online, signing a partnership document with Steve Coakley, Commercial Director at Rotherham United.
Steve Coakley, Commercial Director at Rotherham United with Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online

Mattress Online’s Rotherham store, The Bed Shop, also sponsors local teams Parkgate FC and Rawmarsh St Joseph’s Juniors Under 7’s.

Our charitable work, our investment into local sports groups such as Rotherham United FC, Parkgate FC and Rawmarsh St Joseph’s Juniors, and other initiatives are a massive part of this, as well as our sustainability practices. All these things must be priorities for companies like ours.

Steve Adams

Community Groups

In Skipton, we support the Rotary Club of Skipton Craven, an organisation formed to aid and fundraise for the town’s residents and local charities. Each year, we sponsor the popular Santa Fun Run, a 3km to 5km event in support of local charities.

Our work with these organisations and charities not only helps our local customers but also provides staff with ways to give back to the community. We are passionate about doing our absolute best to make a difference both in the world of sleep and in any other way we can, including funding charities, supporting events and truly being there for our collective communities.