Mattress Online Mission Statement

At Mattress Online, we believe that sleep is the foundation for a healthy and happy life, which is why we've made it our mission to help the UK simply get a good night's sleep.

Great sleep is pivotal to supporting all pillars of health, whether that's exercise, diet and nutrition, or mental health and wellbeing. While we believe sleep to be non-negotiable, we also know that life is never perfect. So to help, we promise to make the following commitments.

The Mattress Online Commitments

To help our customers find a high-quality and comfortable mattress that we believe will contribute to a good night's sleep

We partner with the UK's best brands, which is only possible after many years of working closely together. We test out every mattress in our Comfort Lab to ensure it meets our strict quality standards to be listed on our website or offered in-store.

We offer transparent customer reviews on each product listed to ensure that the quality holds up to scrutiny and our customers get an accurate and impartial representation of the product.

All of our customers who have purchased a mattress are eligible for a free 60 Night Trial*. This allows them to test the mattress and swap it if it isn't right for them.

To support all our existing and future customers with sleep education and practical advice so they can buy the right mattress and sleep better

We invest heavily in our buying guidance. We want to provide our customers with all of the information they need to make a confident purchase decision.

The Sleep Geek

We're thrilled to team up with James Wilson, aka The Sleep Geek, to provide our customers with practical advice on sleep. As Mattress Online's official sleep expert, James brings over a decade of experience, having helped thousands of poor sleepers improve their sleep quality. Being a self-professed former poor sleeper himself, James understands firsthand the effect poor sleep can have on your daily life.

He's passionate about crafting personalized routines and solutions for individuals, recognizing that everyone's sleep needs are unique and require tailored approaches. With James on board, rest assured that you'll receive sleep guidance to help you achieve the refreshing sleep you deserve.

Cavendish Cancer Care

We're incredibly proud to collaborate with Cavendish Cancer Care, a charity close to our hearts here at Mattress Online in Sheffield. Through this partnership, we extend our commitment to supporting the well-being and mental health of both our team and our customers.

Cavendish Cancer Care offers invaluable therapy and counselling services to those navigating a cancer diagnosis, in recovery, and to their loved ones. By donating funds and participating in their workplace health and well-being sessions, we're honoured to contribute to their cause.

Cavendish's expertise in mindfulness and stress management helps our customers achieve a better night's sleep through guided meditation videos and expert advice in our guides.

Our in-store teams are professionally trained to provide simple and informative guidance when choosing a new bed and mattress.

To continually improve our knowledge so that we can connect you with the right products—whether that's the right mattress, appropriate pillow, comforting duvet or sleep aids promoting great sleep

We know that while the mattress is a core component of great sleep, it's not the only factor to consider. Our teams are continually learning, and with the support of manufacturer training workshops, we're able to have a full perspective on what products work together to provide a great night’s sleep.

The Mattress Online team receiving manufacturer training from Sealy UK
Mattress Online staff attending a Sealy training workshop

To grow our awareness of the sustainability issues in our industry, and help lead the change in sustainable mattresses and Zero to Landfill mattress recycling

Climate change is something that affects everyone on the planet. We take our responsibility to the planet seriously to support the circular economy and fulfil our ‘Zero to Landfill’ mission. Our customers can recycle their old mattresses at the point of purchase, which enables the materials to be stripped down to their core components and used again for new manufacturing.

We offer a range of environmentally friendly products which are made from recycled or naturally sourced materials. We also work with other suppliers, such as those who provide packaging for each of our mattresses, to opt for an eco-friendly alternative.

On a national level, our CEO Steve Adams works closely with the Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) - the body dedicated to the environmental protection and sustainability of rural communities. We also work with Zero Waste Scotland, an organisation backed by the Scottish Government, to combat climate change through the responsible consumption and waste management of products.

To continually invest in our team and culture, and foster a passionate and talented environment that will help us deliver on our promises with a long term mindset

We can't do all of this without each and every member of our team. A healthy company culture is our priority as we believe it to be the core of our ability to deliver on our mission. We continually invest in the support and education for our team, such as with our Health and Wellbeing programme, leadership training, as well as specialist training.

Chloe Angus from Cavendish Cancer Care leading a Stress Awareness course to Mattress Online.
Chloe Angus from Cavendish Cancer Care providing a health and wellbeing session to Mattress Online staff

Behind all of this, our team are supported at every level of the organisation with the following company values:

  • We care
  • We think bigger
  • We're always learning
  • We do the right thing
  • We're human
The Mattress Online warehouse team laughing while in a meting

*Your Comfort Trial will start as soon as your mattress is delivered and you can request to exchange your mattress after 30 nights. This is because it can take a little while to get used to the feel of a new mattress. We also require you to use a mattress protector throughout the trial period for hygiene reasons and to ensure your mattress stays safe.

The mattress you swap for must be of the same size and must be chosen from Mattress Online. If the mattress you have chosen is more expensive than your original purchase, we will ask you to pay the difference. If the mattress you have chosen is priced lower than the mattress you purchased, we cannot refund the difference. However, if the replacement mattress you’ve chosen is similar in cost to your original purchased mattress but slightly cheaper - up to £100 cheaper - we will give you the difference in credit to spend on the site.

Please read our 60-Night Comfort Trial terms and conditions for further information.