We're Sustainability Award Winners!

Good Retail Sustainability Award Winner logo

We're incredibly proud to say that we've been recognised by the Modern Retail Good Retail Awards for our efforts in creating a more sustainable mattress industry.

It's an honour to be given the Sustainability Award - but we won't stop here! In fact - we're even more motivated to carry on doing as much as we can to make the mattress industry as environmentally friendly as possible!

We're incredibly proud of everything we've accomplished - and we're delighted that our achievements are celebrated by the leading consumer authority within the bed industry.

How it started...

The National Bed Federation found that out of 8 million mattresses going to waste every year, only 19% are actually recycled. We knew we had to do something to change that.

Steve Adams, CEO and founder of Mattress Online, said:

"Since we introduced a collection and recycling service at Mattress Online, we've saved more than 100,000 mattresses going to landfill. This is a 344% increase over five years and clearly shows that customers want to recycle and make ethical decisions when shopping."

It's clear our efforts in this sector have not gone unnoticed!

Catherine Erdly, Founder of the Resilient Retail Club and judge at the Good Retail, also had this to say about our sustainability efforts:

"From a sheer volume perspective, given the size of a mattress, the amount of space that must have been saved from landfill must be enormous. It is a great example of looking at lots of elements of a process to make the largest difference."

Mattress Online Sustainability Award

What we're doing to help

Here at Mattress Online, we won't stop striving for a more sustainable way of working.

We're always looking for ways to be more sustainable, and here's what we're currently doing:

  • Offering non-profit mattress recycling with every order
  • Using 100% recyclable polythene mattress bags
  • Promoting more sustainable products, such as our eco-friendly collection
  • Expanding our chemical-free range of mattresses
  • Providing our staff with ethically sourced uniforms
  • Offering a cycle to work scheme for all employees

Our mattress recycling programme is, and always has been, non-profit. We believe that it's the right thing to do in the current climate and no one should have to pay extra to be sustainable.

Managing Director of Modern Retail, Rob Gamage, said:

"As always, it's inspiring to see so many fantastic entries in this category and it was hard work for the judges to pick a winner. But Mattress Online thoroughly impressed us with their dedicated effort to run a more sustainable business. They have set up a truly end-to-end process that will continue to reduce their impact on the environment in the future."

How you can help

You can help to reduce your mattress carbon footprint by:

Again, we're honoured to have been presented with such an incredible award. We will continue with our sustainability efforts.

Thank you for helping us on our mission to create a more sustainable future and keeping our mattresses out of landfills.