Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Memory Mattress

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Memory foam
Dormeo Octasprings

Wake feeling refreshed every morning! This stunning Octaspring® mattress is firmly supportive, luxuriously comfortable and up to eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam.

  • Featuring innovative Octaspring® technology
  • Not one, but two layers of unique Octaspring® foam springs
  • Octasprings are up to eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam
  • Maximum airflow helps keep you cool and fresh
  • Firm feel - perfect if you love plenty of support
  • A firmer row of Octasprings around the mattress edge
  • Complete edge-to-edge support for more sleeping space!
  • Three body zones correctly support your back, shoulders and head
  • 4cm layer of memory foam offers luxury comfort
  • Memory foam provides pressure relief and soothes aches and pains
  • Superstretch™ knitted fabric cover is beautifully designed
  • The removable cover can be machine washed at 30°C
  • Breathable mattress border further boosts airflow
  • Hypoallergenic Ecofresh probiotic treatment guards against allergens
  • "Invisible" turning handles nestled underneath the mattress
  • Single-sided so you don't need to flip it over - simply turn end-to-end
  • Mattress depth: 22cm
  • Incredible 20 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty on the mattress cover